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R E L I A N T   S T R I D E

Web Design

Reliant Stride creates personalized fingerprint wall prints.  Their brand message encourages their customers to embrace and rediscover who they are; their original design.


Goal for the website: Elegant sophistication

We kept the navigation very minimalistic and straight-forward.


Showcasing featured products and customer favorites was a request for the Home page.

The interactive product feature section is user-friendly but puts the most important information upfront:

3 Print Sizes

17 Fonts

20 Color Combinations

Combo and phone.jpg
Color Palette.jpg

Color Palette

A subtle contrast of soft neutrals with green as an accent.


The company's product is for everyone, so we kept with that narrative throughout their branding.


These also form the base for their 20 color combinations available for their custom prints.


We took it one step further and applied names to each color, establishing a more personable, tangible feel to the brand.







Simple.  Elegant.

The 3 dots represent God, self, and others.

Translucent Business Cards MockUp White

Promo Video

Short and sweet to make an impact + convey the brand's message in 32 seconds.

The most profound element is the word overlay.  This plays into the personalization of their prints--the words speak to their audience, but they also speak of who they are.

I created digital product mockups in various environments to show their work in real life settings, as we couldn't shoot on location.

For the music track, they wanted it to be inspirational and motivating, but not abrupt.  After curating a list, this was the winner.



Social Media

Influencer Acquisition


Marketing Campaigns

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